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  1. Nice blog. Well written and introspective. Great to be able to read one’s real views (after they have undergone the doffing of aniexty that grand social proceedings, such as weddings can present).

    I would love to read your thoughts on the conjuncture that Mr. Woods has gotten himself into and if the posture of him being indefectible or a paragon just because he can hit a golf ball or sell sports drinks and razors is warranted.

    The way that athletes are often celebrated as being perfect humans, when they rarely show perfection sport they excel in, has always intigued me. I mean, Jordan missed shots, Nicklaus missed putts, Montana threw interceptions etc…

    Yet again and again we are surprised to find out that someone so great at a recreational activity can makes bad mistakes just like the middle-aged man in the office or the woman in the board room.

  2. I heard your broadcast today and you said at the end that progressive talk did not have the following that conservative talk had . You equated
    talk hosts on the right as rich and powerful , that you detested. You must not like president Obama, nancy pelosi, harry reid, George soros, Bill Gates, or any other rich and powerful or do you just hate the right rich and powerful. You my friend are either blind, stupid or a hypocrite
    to believe that rich and powerful , deceitful people are only on the right.
    Open your eyes and ears to what we on the right side of the spectrum are
    living . We absolutely try to live in what we believe, not everyone, and
    not always but we want a better united states for everyone. We give more to charities, the poor, out of what we have than most so called progressives, check it out. Bless you and all those on the left with God’s
    blessing, whether you believe in him or not.

    • This is two years overdue, but I am not one to succumb to pejorative name calling of people who don’t believe as I do, for one. And yes, contrary to your delving into stereotyped-based assumption, I do believe in God. But, I believe I may be more open minded than what you accused me of not being. But, based on what you wrote two years ago, I wonder how genuinely open minded you are? I have been in close association to the right on many occasions, and once I identified myself as more republican than democrat, as I grew up admiring and evaluating republican positions as espoused and advanced by pundits such as William F. Buckley, Jr. I have also served nearly my entire adult life n the military and can genuinely say what the Right Wing has done to encourage the right wing politicization of the military, as well as the corporatizing of going to war is no less than anti-american and fascist. To me, there’s nothing at all wrong with Republicans, it’s just the right wing that I believe is doing this country more harm than good. Republicans advance the notion of this country being more of a Republic, by definition, than a Democracy. Therein lies the inherent differences, and yes there is a stark difference. As for charity, I cannot take what you wrote on face value. It bears, critical, independent examination. I do know that many conservative Christians consider church tithing to be charity. It is not. It amounts to dues to an organization, and for clergy, it is an investment of sorts. Also, you mentioned George Soros, who is a right wing Public Enemy. C’mon! Puh-lease! The right wing has ten times the number of George Soros’ out there financing their propaganda media machine, of which I’m sure, from what you wrote, you feed off regularly. And Bill Gates? Again, I shake my head in disbelief looking at the sheer magnitude of his philanthropy. Trust me, if i wanted to make huge money in the Radio game, as a 20-year, combat vet, Army retired, bi-racial black guy, who once identified with progressives, willing to say negative things against Obama and Democrats, et. al., I’d have a national show within a year. That’s because, of, thanks to the Right Wing led de-regulation of the media, the massive conservative corporate media purchasing of the majority of radio media properties and entities in the USA. Information is power! Those on the right, realized that after Watergate and started changing the media at that point .
      Have a good day.

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