Hard at work in the "office"

Hard at work in the “office”

Jacques retired from the US Army (Reserve on Active Duty) in March, ’08, after a journey that took him from initial service in the US Navy, then to the US Army, and on to broadcast journalism work as an Anchor/Reporter in markets as diverse as Little Rock, AR, and Pittsburgh, PA, Indianapolis, IN.

He was called back on active duty in the Army where he was deployed to Bosnia and Iraq over the course of the mid to late 90s into the 2000s. Jacques voluntarily sacrificed his television journalism career, where he endeavored to rise to the ranks of network correspondence, to honor the call to duty after the 9-11 attacks.

When Jacques left the Army, he went through what many wartime vets cope with; battling discouragement, and a sense of feeling dispossessed while trying to reintegrate into mainstream society and resuscitate a civilian career. He was granted an opportunity to build the “Soul of Seattle” radio show on AM 1090 from the ground up. It featured compelling in-depth interview segments and journalistic pieces that focused on community and ecological sustainability, as well as social concerns and controversies.

Soul of Seattle left the air at the end of 2010, but not before making an impact in Seattle.  Among the program’s hallmarks were probing interviews with candidates of Seattle’s 2009 mayoral election, as well as an on-the-scene revealing profile of a grass roots group combating gang activity in Seattle’s south end. Jacques returned to school the next year and chose the Art Institute of Seattle’s Digital Filmmaking Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree program. He graduated December 2013.

As an Anchor/Reporter, Jacques garnered various awards for television broadcast-journalism excellence. The honors were from such esteemed organizations as the Associated Press, Radio and Television News Directors Association, and the Society of Professional Journalists. Jacques also received several regional Emmy nominations for broadcast reporting excellence. He covered the Clintons’ rise to power extensively, as well as the drama surrounding the execution of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. It was with the latter assignment where many of his reports aired on CNN, NBC, and MSNBC.

Jacques’ military decorations include a combination of four Army Commendation medals, three Army Achievement medals, a Navy Achievement Medal, the Combat Action Badge, the Expert Marksmanship Badge, Iraq Campaign Medal, Expeditionary Medal, and the Antarctic Service Medal. In addition to combat time serving in war-time Iraq, and as a Peacekeeper in the Balkans, Jacques deployed to Antarctica several times in support of the National Science Foundation’s ongoing scientific research endeavors on the world’s southern polar continent.


12 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Hey Jack –

    This seems like such a perfect “fit” for you Jack. You are so multi-talented. Glad you are doing something that you really seem to enjoy and that also is supplying some great information and happiness to others.
    Miss you in Indy!

    • Thanks, Kim! I know this is far a far different forum for me, as opposed to being an Anchor/Reporter on WTHR-TV, as I was back in Indy. But, we evolve or we become stagnate, or die, I guess. It’s just part of my journey. Tell you the truth, when I left WTHR January ’02 and went back on active duty in the Army I had no clue what life had in store… I wasn’t even sure I would survive the Iraq war. But, I did, despite the very close calls. I know now I get another chance to make a mark. But, I want to thank you for being soooo supportive of me, and my work, in Indianapolis. Hopefully, I’ll still have the opportunity to make a mark nationally. But, again, thanks, Kim for your unyielding support! I know a lot of folks in Indy thought I was nuts for going back on active duty and leaving TV news, but I did, and now there are new chapters to write.
      Miss you!

  2. i am Sgt. Perry’s brother. i met you briefly at the airport. both her and mike speak very highly of you. i enjoy your blog. keep writing good stuff.

  3. Jacques,

    What a wonderful point of view!

    I was looking on FB and I found you. I think you would be a great person to tell the story of the burgeoning Soul Music scene in Seattle which was recognized this year by TWO different artists being nominated for Soultracks.com nominations.

    Hit me with your email so I can send you more details.

  4. Are you the X-Navy OS !st Class petty Officer Jacque Pugh from the USS Truette who took me for a wild tour of Italy? cause if you are you need to call me so we can laugh about what you did to a new recruit their. Contact me a. You might? be happy to know who I am.

      • Hi Jacques Its David I don’t want to bother you but I was hoping you might have remebered who  was by now, if I add that I was a French kid with a beard would that help your memory?  I  understand if you are just trying to be cautious but we were on the Truette together between 1977-79 and I was an OS as well. Anyway I hope you would like to talk a little and reminess, just let me know either way. Thanks.  David Aben

  5. Petty Officer Pugh! 🙂 I saw a sports caster on the air tonight named Jason Pugh and thought, that might be the son of the Jacques Pugh that was on the air when I was stationed in Rota, Spain back in the late 70’s! After all these years I still remember your professionalism, shipmate. Best to you. Terry D.

    • Hey, Terry! How are you… damn a long time since Rota. It still ranks as one the highlights of my life, and then career. Sad to say I don’t have any sons; just two beautiful daughters. But… you never know… laughs….
      What market was that? And, what are you doing now?

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